3T induction melting furnace configuration selection table

3T induction melting furnace configuration selection table
3T induction melting furnace configuration selection table
Serial number Name quantity Remark
1 IF power supply cabinet 1 set 2200KW, 350Hz dual power supply
2 Capacitor cabinet 2 sets Non-standard GGD
3 Incoming control cabinet 2 sets Standard GGD
4 Furnace 2 sets 3 tons of steel shell, magnetic yoke, hydraulic furnace with manual rotating furnace cover, without dust removal device
5 Hydraulic system 1 set Hydraulic pump station and connecting pipeline
6 Console 2 sets For tilting
7 Low-voltage electrical control cabinet 1 set Control hydraulic, water system, etc.
8 Water-cooled cable 2 sets 8 pieces
9 Crucible mold 2 pcs ≥8mm steel plate
10 Furnace Lining 2 servings Quartz sand and neutral material each
11 Furnace building tools 1 set 1 pneumatic furnace lining vibrator, 1 electric furnace bottom vibrator, 1 furnace wall ramming plate
12 Furnace lining ejection mechanism 2 sets Including oil cylinder, connecting oil pipe, control valve and frame type installation and ejection mechanism
13 Furnace lining detection device 2 sets self made
14 For power supply cooling
Plate exchanger
2 sets 1 set of 3 tons, 1 set of 1 tons
15 Intermediate frequency power water pumping station 2 sets 3 tons and 1 ton each with 1 set of double machines and double pumps
16 Water tank 2 pcs 3 tons, 1 ton each, 1 stainless steel or galvanized material
17 Cross flow cooling tower for electric furnace 1 set 3 tons and 1 ton electric furnace share 1 tower
18 Furnace water cooling pump station 1 set Double pumps
19 Emergency generator 1 set 3 tons, 1 ton and 2 electric furnaces shared
20 Emergency pump 2 sets 3 tons, 1 ton and 2 electric furnaces shared
Connect with spare water pipe
twenty one Rectifier 12-pulse transformer 1 set 3 ton furnace dedicated
twenty two Automatic control display system 1 set PLCTWPS (Siemens)
twenty three Installation materials 1 set The pipes, valves, elbows, etc. and labor required for the water cooling system, the pipes, joints, etc. and labor required for the hydraulic system, and the standard copper bars, cables, etc. and labor required for the power supply system. The pipe material is stainless steel.
twenty four 1 ton furnace changeover switch 1 set Electric, water-cooled
25 Furnace mouth, furnace bottom, pouring block, etc. 2 sets spare
26 Main board 1 piece spare
27 Rectifier SCR 2 fast spare
28 Inverter SCR 2 fast spare
29 Digital oscilloscope 1 piece For maintenance
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