Advantages and disadvantages of fully automatic molding production line

Advantages and disadvantages of fully automatic molding production line
The fully automatic molding machine production line can be applied to the production of castings or thin-walled castings with simple and precise shapes of cast iron, cast steel and cast non-ferrous alloys. The domestically produced products are mainly produced by petroleum machinery gearboxes, forklift axles and balances. Block, machine bed, gasoline engine block, construction machinery counterweight, etc.

Advantages of the fully automatic molding line:
1. Improve the quality of castings. The surface is smooth, the outline is clear, and the size is accurate. The mold has high hardness and uniformity, and the drawing is easy.
2. Simplify equipment, save investment, and reduce maintenance costs. Eliminate the relevant station mixture, add-on and sand mixing equipment. The old sand recycling rate is above 95%, the equipment investment is reduced by 30%, the equipment power is 60% of the wet type, and the labor force is reduced by 35%.
3. The mold and sand box have a long service life.
4. High metal utilization rate. In the V method, the metal has good fluidity and strong filling ability, and can cast thin-walled parts of 30 mm. The mold has high hardness and slow cooling, and the shrinkage is used to reduce the size of the riser. The process yield is increased and the machining allowance is reduced.
5. Conducive to environmental protection. Due to the use of binder-free dry sand, the sand-type binder, add-on or drying process in other casting processes is eliminated, which reduces environmental pollution and is a green casting process.
Disadvantages of the fully automatic molding production line:
1. The modeling operation is complicated, and the productivity of small castings is not easy to increase.
2. It is necessary to evacuate from the beginning to the end to achieve mechanization.
3. Due to the extension of plastic film and the limitation of formability, the process method is affected to expand the application range.
4, need to consider the dust removal problem of sand.

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