What is the working principle of the casting molding machine?

Casting  molding machine working principle

Casting process: The application of casting technology and method knowledge to the production of castings. Including casting process, casting system, feeding system, vent, chill system, special casting process and so on.
The casting process design includes: the design of the casting process diagram, the design of the casting drawing, the design of the casting assembly drawing and the production of the craft card.
Use the air pressure or hydraulic pressure to apply pressure to the molding sand in the sand box through the indenter or the pattern to compact the sand. Its pressure is generally 0.25 to 0.4 MPa. This kind of equipment makes the sand type tightness away from the pressure surface. High pressure type appeared in the early 1950s, and the pressure on the sand plane was above 0.7 MPa. The high pressure type of indenter is divided into several structures such as a flat pressing head, a forming indenter and a multi-contact indenter. Among them, high-voltage multi-contact type is widely used. The high-pressure multi-contact indenter is divided into a number of small squares that can move up and down, the contacts, which can obtain a large compressive strength through the hydraulic cylinder. In real time, each contact applies a corresponding pressure according to the height of the pattern below it (ie, the thickness of the pressed sand layer), so that the sand type obtains a high, uniform compactness and hardness. These devices are equipped with micro-shock shock mechanisms that can adapt to complex shapes. The high-pressure multi-contact type adopts four-column structure, and has single-station type and double-station type. In order to adapt to the production of small and medium-sized castings, this type of equipment is often equipped with a template quick change device. When the template is replaced, the equipment does not have to be shut down. With high-pressure multi-contact molding, sand casting can cast thin-walled, accurate-sized, smooth-surfaced castings.

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