Bearing heating uses induction heating furnace induction heater technical parameters

Bearing heating uses induction heating furnace induction heater technical parameters
1, heater model, main parameters
1.1 Induction heating furnace induction heater Model: SL30H-1
1.2 Induction heating furnace induction heater structure: mobile, rotary,
1.3 Induction heating furnace induction heater load: 36Kg
1.4 Control method: time control / digital display
1.5 Equipment electrical parameters: voltage Two-phase AC220V ± 10%, frequency 50HZ,
Rated capacity 2KVA, rated current 9A,
2. Applicable workpiece size, yoke configuration, heating time and temperature, operation process:
2.1 Applicable workpiece size:
Inner diameter: φ20-φ100mm; outer diameter: maximum φ300mm; maximum width: 100mm.
2.2 Heating time and temperature:
The inner hole 40, the inner hole 50, the inner hole 60 of the bearing temperature rise 80-100 degrees takes 40 seconds, the inner hole 20-30 bearing heating speed is relatively slow, (with heating ferroniobene 4 respectively 19,24,34 44), the smaller the inner bore of the bearing, the harder it is to heat. The specific parameters are related to the material, shape and thickness of the bearing.
2.4 Specific operation process:
The ferroniobium corresponding to the bearing to be mounted is heated by the upper yoke, and after heating for a specified time, the heater is automatically powered off, and the bearing is taken out and installed.
3, safety protection: heating host has overheating overload, short circuit safety protection device, automatic tripping, while the host wire package and the main housing are sealed with high temperature resistant epoxy resin, superior insulation performance, sufficient safety protection to ensure personal safety.
4. Working principle: Heating is heated by short circuit principle.
5, equipment dimensions, weight:
5.1 Equipment weight: about 36Kg
6. Design standard: According to GB/T5226.1-96 "General technical conditions for industrial machinery and electrical equipment", IEC439-76 "International Electrotechnical Commission Standard" combined with the actual heating requirements of the demand side, automatic demagnetization in line with JB/T6641-2007 standard, The residual magnetism is no more than 4 mute.
7. Induction heating furnace induction heater requirements:
7.1 Working environment of the equipment: temperature 0-45 ° C, humidity ≤ 85%.
7.2 The device has a digital display timer with a range of 0-9999 seconds.
7.3 The device has a red and green signal display button, which is flame retardant compared to the tracking index CTI≥100.
7.4 Time relay: Mechanical life: 100×104 times Electrical life: 10×104 times, installation mode panel type, delay setting error is not more than 1%+0.05s. Guarantee to use no less than 700 hours in a month.
7.5 The installation position of all display instruments of the equipment is reasonable and meets the requirements of humanized design.
7.6 The main unit has functions such as overload and overheat protection, leakage protection, and automatic demagnetization.
7.7 The noise of the new machine should not exceed 65dB, and it should be no more than 75dB after one year of use.
7.8 The thickness of the outer wall of the heating machine must be above 1.5mm (including 1.5mm).
7.9 Induction heating furnace Induction heater main iron core adopts imported cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, the coil adopts double glass copper flat wire, and the insulation is sealed with high temperature epoxy resin to achieve insulation of class B or above.
7.10 Induction heating furnace The main components of the induction heater are Delixi brand (standard).
7.121 Induction heating furnace induction heaters are provided with the following technical data: operating instructions, electrical schematics, manufacturers and details of major components, and certificates.
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