The advantages of stainless steel induction heating furnace

The advantages of stainless steel induction heating furnace are mainly reflected in four aspects:
1. The precision of steel bar quenching furnace is high. It integrates the imported high precision numerical control system into the whole equipment, realizes precise control of feeding, heating, quenching and cooling by PLC and servo motor.
2. The scope of application is wider. The induction heating equipment is driven by an independent motor and has two modes of mechanical and electric conveying, so that it is not restricted by the installation equipment. It can be used with PLC centralized control equipment. It is suitable for feeding materials of different thickness and length.
3. It is easy to operate with high degree of automation, less labor intensity, increased the effective working time. After simply adjusting the width, thickness and feeding step of stainless steel material, the production of continuous heating and quenching can be carried out. The adjustment is not complex and does not need to be completed by professional and technical personnel. The stainless steel heat treatment equipment also adopts 7 or 10 inch color touch screen point control operation mode, feeding step, heating temperature, power output, quenching speed and other parameters can be easily and quickly set, saving time and labor.
4. Energy-saving, high reliability, the motor does not need to continue to run energy storage at the shutdown stage, which greatly reduces energy consumption, while in the event of failure, it has a complete and reliable automatic diagnosis function, safe and reliable to use.
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