Copper induction heating furnace

Copper induction heating furnace  - copper rod heating equipment
The copper induction heating furnace has a temperature measuring device, measures the temperature of the copper rod during the heating process, and controls the production tempo with a time relay. When starting to feed, firstly, the temperature measuring head leaves the copper rod and rotates at an angle. The feeding pusher moves, pushing a copper rod into the inductor, and the heated copper rod is pushed out of the inductor and falls onto the roller table. The copper rod is conveyed to the end of the roller table, the top material mechanism is raised to turn the copper rod onto the discharge chute, and the copper rod is rolled onto the extruder for extrusion. At the same time of conveying, the feeder  is retracted, and a copper rod is rolled down in the feed chute for the next feeding, and the temperature measuring head enters the temperature measuring position and contacts the end of the copper rod, that is, one entry and exit is completed. In general, in order to heat the copper ingot uniformly, a holding furnace is arranged on the production line.

1. Copper rod induction heating furnace, the standard power equipment is 1000KW/500HZ, the high power equipment is 1250KW/500HZ, the input voltage is 660V, and the intermediate frequency power supply output voltage is 1300V.
2. The medium frequency power supply planning is humanized, with over-current, over-voltage, phase loss, under-pressure, and advanced water temperature protection measures.
3. Induction heating equipment The thickness of the steel plate of the furnace body is up to 20MM, the structure is firm, the wall thickness of the copper tube is 4.5MM, and it is handled by multiple layers of insulation, and the operation is stable and reliable.
4. All the water pipes of the induction heating equipment are made of stainless steel pipes to avoid water rust and scale, and the cooling effect is greatly improved.
5. Energy saving, reasonable planning, and meet environmental protection needs.
6. Induction heating equipment is mainly used in forging companies, metallurgical occupations, etc.

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