medium frequency Induction forging furnace

 medium frequency Induction forging furnace
Description:  medium frequency Induction forging furnace is the main equipment for forging and heat treatment workshop for forging furnace
 the application range of medium frequency induction forging furnace :
1. Suitable for heating forging of copper rods, iron rods and aluminum rods ;
2. Continuous heating forging of round bars, square materials or other shapes of wool and other materials ;
3. The whole material can be heated or partially heated, such as end heating, heating in the middle part, etc.;
the induction forging furnace composition
1, workbench + heating sensor + feeding mechanism + heating power + compensation capacitor box;
2. According to different application requirements, it may also include infrared thermometer, temperature controller and feeding, coiling and other devices;
3, can be customized according to your needs;
the advantages of induction forging furnace  
1. Ultra-small size, movable, covering only 0.6 square meters.
2. It is convenient to use with any forging and rolling equipment and manipulator;
3. It is very convenient to install, debug and operate.
4. It can be heated to the required temperature in a very short time, greatly reducing metal oxidation, saving material and improving forging quality;
5. It can work 24 hours a day, heating forging evenly and more quickly; environmental protection, in line with environmental protection requirements, eliminating the trouble of environmental protection inspection; saving electricity, not only small size, easy maintenance, but also can save 15-20%. It is convenient to replace the furnace body to meet the different requirements of the overall heating or end heating of the bar;

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