the problem of induction heating furnace performance parameters

Induction heating equipment plays an important role in many domestic production industries. After decades of development, there are many new configurations of induction heating equipment in this industry, among which induction heating equipment is an early and easily accepted steel heating equipment by the majority of users. In the past, when users were choosing equipment, they paid attention to its price. However, users prefer to choose more automatic and high quality induction heating equipment.
Nowadays, induction heating equipment is applied more and more widely, and the strength and quality of the metal materials heated are getting higher and higher. Compared with the traditional coal and gas furnaces, it has the advantages of high heating efficiency, high workpiece straightness, no oxidation deformation and the temperature in the furnace can be adjusted arbitrarily. Now energy-saving and environmental protection is a hot spot in the market, and the development trend of the induction heating industry at home and abroad makes this revolutionary and innovative medium-frequency induction heating equipment independently developed, and fills the gap in the domestic induction heating equipment market. Compared with common heating furnaces, medium frequency Induction heating equipment greatly improves the strength, accuracy and physical and chemical properties of metal materials, and innovates according to the user’s application and suggestions. It is an advanced induction heating furnace in China at present.
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