Steel Bar Induction Heating Furnace Detail

Steel Bar Induction Heating Furnace Detail
Treating steel bars in order to enhance torsion characteristics, reduce alloy components, etc. has long been a well-known process. One traditional treatment process involves using continuous furnaces. However, the use of continuous furnaces makes it extremely difficult to control and monitor the heat treatment process.
The Specific Process of Steel Bar Induction Heating Furnace:
1.Automatic Feeding System: The workers put the steel bars on the storage rack and well,then the automatic feeding system will transmit the bars to the parallel rollers.
2.Induction Hardening:With stable running speed of the driving system,the transmission system will deliver the steel bars into the induction heater.The infrared thermometer will monitor and control the steel bar temperature automatically in the processing of Preheating-Temperature Measurement-Raising Temperature-Temperature Measurement.After bar temperature reaches to the target quenching temperature, they will be cooled in the cooling device.Then the transmission system will deliver bars to the feeding system to wait for the next heat treatment.At the same time,the hardening rejection will be isolated.
3.Tempering System:The steel bars after hardening processing will be transmitted to the induction heaters for reheating under the infrared thermometer control.Then the steel bars will enter the cabinet to preserve heat.After holding temperature time,the straightened bars will be sent to the parallel rollers.
4.Automatic Discharging System:The bars will be transmitted to the discharging system for natural cooling.
5.Inspection and Storage.
Technical parameters:
              Output per hour (KG)
KGPS Type Rating power Input voltage Input current DC current IF voltage IF frequency Steel Copper Aluminum
50KG 50KW 380V 80A 100A 750V 1-8KHZ 125 282 234
100KG 100KW 380V 160A 200A 750V 1-8KHZ 250 564 468
160KG 160KW 380V 256A 320A 750V 1-8KHZ 400 902 749
200KG 200KW 380V 320A 400A 750V 1-8KHZ 500 1128 936
250KG 250KW 380V 400A 500A 750V 1-8KHZ 625 1410 1170
400KG 400KW 380V 640A 800A 750V 1-8KHZ 1000 2256 1872
500KG 500KW 380V 800A 1000A 750V 1-8KHZ 1250 2820 2340
750KG 750KW 380V  660V 1200A  680A 1500A    850A 750V 1300V 0.4-8KHZ 1875 4230 3510
1000KG 1000KW 380V  660V 1600A 912A 2000A        1140A 750V 1300V 0.2-6KHZ 2500 5640 4680
1500KG 1500KW 380V  660V 2400A 1360A 3000A 1700A 750V 1300V 0.2-1KHZ 3750 8460 7020
2000KG 2000KW 380V  660V 1850A  1000A 2273A  1212A 1300V 0.2-1KHZ 5000 11280 9360
2500KG 2500KW 660V 1250V 2310A  1257A 2840A  1515A 1300V 0.2-0.5KHZ 6250 14100 11700
3500KG 3500KW 660V 1250V 3260A  1710A 4000A  2100A 1300V 0.2-0.5KHZ 8750 19740 16380
Characters and Advantages:
1) Produce process is easy to operate, charge in and discharge flexibly, high degree of automation, realize produce on line.
2)Fast speed of workpiece heating, less oxidization or decarburization, high efficiency, and quality forging piece.
3)High control accuracy of workpiece length, speed, and temperature.
4)Good heat uniformity of workpiece, small temperature difference on core surface, high control accuracy.
5)Integration design of inductor and furnace body, quick-change connector for different inductors, easy to change and replace.
6)Omni energy conservation optimal design, low energy consumption, high efficiency, lower cost than coal furnace.
7)Fit environmental protection requirement standard, little pollution, and reduce labour intensity of workers.
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