Induction heating furnace introduction

Induction heating furnace and heat treatment furnace are used for heating and heat treatment of small metal workpieces, used for surface quenching of mechanical parts, cutting tools, drills, drilling tools, grinding tools, small diameter bars, tube heat and quenching.
The main advantage:
     1. Free on-site commissioning, maintenance costs, installation and operation is very convenient, that is, learning will be.
     2. Small, lightweight, and small footprint (1 square meter).
     3. It has integrated and split type, and can also be specially designed according to customer requirements.
     4. It is convenient to replace different furnace bodies and sensors to adapt to different materials melting and various workpiece heating.
     5. Work around the clock.
     6. Stable and reliable, energy saving and environmental protection, high efficiency.
     7. The highest performance price ratio.
     8. Widely used in production, teaching, scientific research and other fields.
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