3 advantages of induction heating furnace heating steel rod: simple, environmentally friendly, intelligent

3 advantages of induction heating furnace heating steel rod: simple, environmentally friendly, intelligent
Induction heating furnace can be used for heating metal parts such as steel bars, steel pipes, steel bars and rebars to improve the quality of finished products and play an important role in metal heat treatment. Under the new era, all fields are advocating new intelligent and environmental protection equipment, metal. The field of heat treatment adheres to the principle of simple, environmentally friendly and intelligent production, and has become the "darling" of the industry. It has been widely used in mines, buildings, bridges, automobiles, railways and other fields.
First, simple - simple structure, easy to understand
 The induction heating furnace is composed of an inductor, an intermediate frequency power supply, a PLC electronic control system, an infrared thermometer, etc., eliminating unnecessary components and reducing the types of spare parts, which not only reduces the failure rate, but also improves the operation efficiency.
Second, environmental protection - green upgrade, environmental protection operations
 Steel rod heating treatment, pollution is a "big taboo", how to achieve environmentally friendly production has become the focus of industry research, in order to meet the requirements of environmental protection operations, we upgrade the details of the steel rod heating furnace, using electromagnetic induction heating technology, so that the steel rod heating furnace The steel rod is heated without pollution or dust.
Third, intelligent - automatic feeding, saving manpower
 The steel bar induction heating furnace adopts PLC intelligent control system, equipped with advanced transmission device and control device, which can realize automatic control of multiple operations and save manpower operation cost. High degree of automation and saving human resources.
With the increasing demand for metal workpieces such as steel bars in various fields, the steel rod heating furnace has entered more people's field of vision. In order to meet the market demand, steel rod heating furnaces have made great efforts in material selection, process, design and configuration. Innovative upgrades to meet user needs, such as you want to know more about the induction furnace related quotation, parameters, configuration, production design, please feel free to consult, professional technical staff to serve you.
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