How to choose a lining knotting tool?

How to choose a lining knotting tool?
For those who have not used the lining knotting tool (hereinafter referred to as the furnace building machine), it will be more confused. Here is how to choose a furnace building machine suitable for your intermediate frequency furnace for reference. First of all, the furnace building machine is divided into two types: electric and pneumatic furnace building machines.
First, the composition and advantages of electric furnace building machine:
1. The main engine is equipped with four vibration tools (bottom vibration plate, flat shovel, tamping fork, furnace wall vibration plate), which can simultaneously build the bottom and the furnace wall;
2. Applicable to electric furnaces below 3T, the number of furnaces built per month is not particularly frequent;
3, small and light, 1 or 2 people can operate;
4, no dust pollution, improve the furnace construction environment;
Second, the composition and advantages of pneumatic furnace building machine:
1. Divided into two parts: the furnace wall vibrator (two hammerheads, three hammerheads and four hammerheads according to the tonnage of the electric furnace) and the bottom vibrator;
2. Applicable to any tonnage electric furnace above 0.75T. It is recommended that the electric furnace below 3T is used more frequently by the number of furnaces per month than the electric furnace.
3. The furnace building machine is easy to operate. It only needs one person to drive the vehicle to hoist. After determining the knotting position, the air source can be turned on. The vehicle can be moved up and down at any time. The pressure can be adjusted properly during the knotting process to ensure the hit. The knot is even, so that the intermediate frequency furnace body lining is knotted and durable;
4. The furnace wall vibrator is working inside the boring mold. The lining material can be filled up once and automatically rotated after venting. The knotting time is faster and more uniform, realizing time and labor saving, and the life of the lining is more than that of artificial furnace construction. durable;
5, no dust pollution, improve the furnace construction environment;
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