Tips for improving microseismic compaction molding machine work efficiency

Tips for improving microseismic compaction molding machine work efficiency

  1: It is possible to use the method of side pressure and side shock, which saves time and can obtain the sand with higher compactness. The specific operation steps are to close the head after sanding the sandbox and open the compaction and shock valve. The handle, so that the effect of side pressure and side shock can be achieved, which not only saves a single shock time but also improves the tightness.
2: After the sand is compacted, the machine head is opened to the maximum position, and the handle of the mold is opened. When the mold sand is completely separated from the mold, the mold valve handle can be closed, and the sand box can be removed when the mold release begins to fall, so that Save time by separately returning the mold release valve handle to increase productivity
3: When the mold is often sanded, the attached diesel fuel spray gun can be used to spray a layer of diesel oil on the surface of the mold to help the mold to succeed.
4: The newly-made mold may cause the surface of the mold to be rough due to the process, which makes the mold difficult. At this time, the mold should be smoothed with 8-100# water sandpaper.

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