What are the precautions for using an automatic molding machine?

What are the precautions for using an automatic molding machine?
With the development of technology, many molding machine manufacturers have invented a series of products such as automatic molding machines, which provide convenience for everyone and reduce costs. What should be paid attention to when using automatic molding machine? Let's take a look at it: the molding machine manufacturers have summarized the following:
1. Check the water pipes, air pipes, oil pipes and circuit connectors loosely in one week.
2. Check the anchor bolts and drive fasteners one week.
3. In January, assist the electrician to lightly blow the dust of the electric cabinet.
4. Check the water system when modeling the machine.
5. When the safety of life or equipment is damaged, red press the emergency stop button.
6. When the automatic molding machine equipment runs abnormally, press the emergency stop, then refer to the fault inquiry.
7. If the molding machine malfunctions, it must notify the electric furnace and the sand mixing.
8. Before leaving work, the cast type box must be pushed out of the pouring area to avoid the sand type falling off the sand when the model is next.
9. Clean the styling area.

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