The development direction of the sand mixer

The development direction of the sand mixer
Up to now, the application time of the sand mixer in casting production has reached 30 years. The type and structure of the sand mixer have been basically fixed and the quality is relatively stable. From the perspective of domestic development, the following characteristics are mainly presented.
The first is large-scale. Most of the domestic matures are 5t/h~12t/h sand mixers . Most large sand mixers ( above 20t/h ) before the 21st century are imported equipment. At present, a small number of manufacturers have developed and produced such equipment, and the sales prospects are relatively good.
The second is dexterity and automation. The performance of the electrical system is improved, the mechanical structure is more succinct, and the height of the discharge port can be realized by the lifting of the arm, which improves the adaptability to the situation in which the height of the flask is greatly changed.
Third, it can be mixed with back sand, which can meet the requirements of multi-process production. For example, a continuous sand mixer originally used for self-hardening resin sand can be used for the production of water glass organic ester self-hardening sand.
The fourth is the headless tail sand. Vertical sanders usually have this function, and horizontal sanders can also have this function through structural or electrical improvements.
The fifth is that the sand outlet is provided with a suction port. It can reduce the emission of harmful gases such as free formaldehyde in the workplace and improve the working environment of the styling workers. Reduce the impact and make the structure more compact.

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