Sand mixer operation and maintenance procedures

Sand mixer machine operation and maintenance procedures  
 Maintenance aspect
Operators must keep equipment clean, and must strictly perform 15 minutes of pre-class work , 2 hours of routine maintenance on weekends, and 4 hours of maintenance at the end of the month .
Equipment maintenance should meet the "four requirements":

Neat: tools, workpieces, and accessories are neatly placed, safety guards are complete, and line piping is safe and complete.
Cleaning: Clean inside and outside the equipment, no grease, no bumps, no leakage.
Lubrication: Refueling and oil change on time, complete with oil and meet the requirements, felt, oil line, oil meter clean, smooth oil passage.
Safety: Implementing a fixed-machine order, voucher operation and handover system. Familiar with the structural performance of the equipment and comply with the operating procedures to ensure safety and no accidents.
Second, the operation :
Before work:
The operator should be familiar with the mechanical components, electrical components, operating procedures, lubrication systems, etc. of the equipment and the requirements specified in the equipment instructions.
Before starting the equipment, check whether the lubrication device is perfect, whether the fasteners of each part are fastened, whether the operating handles are in the original position, whether the various hydraulic valves and pneumatic valves are flexible and reliable, and whether the pipelines are leaking or leaking. If there is any need to adjust, the relevant personnel should be notified immediately.
Before starting the equipment, it is necessary to check whether the safety protection devices and facilities are perfect and reliable, and it is strictly forbidden to dismantle them.
Turn on the electric and gas control switch, and open the empty car for 2 minutes to check whether the working status of each part is normal, and confirm that it is correct before proceeding.
Check the scraping plate and the bottom plate without friction and collision, and make the gap not more than 3mm .
Check the hopper, whether the material level is normal, whether the timer and weight value meet the process requirements.
Before mixing sand, the resin, curing agent, and catalyst flow rate should be checked for accuracy.
At work
To leave the machine, you must park.
The motor must be turned off in the event of a power outage or voltage drop.
During work, the lubrication of each part should be checked frequently.
If you have stopped working for too long during work, be sure to turn off the power to the machine.
After work:
When the work is finished, immediately clean the machine and clean it.
After the work is completed, the handles of the various operating parts of the machine must be at zero position.
Turn off the power to the machine.
After the operation of the workers commute to work is completed, we must comply with the shift system, and fill in Hershey station equipment start card.
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