In which fields are the Medium frequency electric furnaces applied?

Medium frequency electric furnaces are used in the following fields:
1. Quenching treatment of machine tool guides.
2. Welding of picks for coal mines.
3. Thermal deformation of bolts below 30 in diameter.
4. Quenching treatment of shafts with a diameter of 80 or less.
5. Heat treatment of sprocket with a diameter below 300.
6. Thermal deformation of nuts less than 30 in diameter.
7. Quenching of various hand tools (hammer, axe, pipe wrench, bolt cutter);
8. Cross-section treatment of workpieces up to 80 in diameter.
9. Local heat treatment of automotive and motorcycle parts.
10. Local heat treatment of various mechanical parts (requires the manufacturer to provide drawings and technical requirements).
11. Metal powder remelted.
12. Thermal deformation of various automotive tools (such as socket wrenches).
13. Welding of the word bit and the plum head of the mine.
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