What are the environmental limitations of the use of medium frequency diathermy furnaces?

The characteristics of the medium frequency diathermy furnace products are: energy saving and environmental protection, easy to operate, safe and efficient, but due to different regions, the geographical environment will be different. In order to use the products normally and increase our economic benefits, we must pay attention to the medium frequency diathermy. The natural conditions of the furnace are limited.
The environment of the medium frequency diathermy furnace, the altitude is generally not more than 3000m; the ambient temperature is in the range of 3-40 °C; (the area below 0 °C, antifreeze measures are required); the area with medium frequency diathermy furnace equipment, the monthly maximum relative humidity The monthly average should be no more than 90%; there is no conductive dust, explosive gases around the environment, and corrosive gases that can seriously damage metals and insulation.
Design and installation requirements for medium frequency diathermy furnace: The user must first provide the site map, and some requirements or technical parameters on site, designed by the manufacturer, detailed site installation layout; equipment should be placed on a flat concrete floor without fixing or slightly The equipment should be placed in a ventilated, back-yang, cool outdoor; the user is responsible for the equipment installation materials, and the required civil engineering and necessary tools and equipment, the manufacturer sends relevant technical personnel to guide the installation and commissioning on site. And carry out on-site operation training. If the user has special requirements, it can be determined by the supplier and the buyer at the time of ordering.
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