long bar hardening and tempering production line

1. According to the safety standardization requirements of the mechanical industry, all mechanical rotating exposed parts are installed with reliable shields. The heat treatment and quenching production line of steel pipe conforms to the national environmental protection standard.
2, steel pipe heat treatment and quenching equipment full touch screen control, pure digital setting, complete process record and strict grade authority. The main parameters can be one-button restore factory settings.
3, the heat treatment quenching furnace of steel pipe is controlled by PLC, the tube billet is put into the storage frame manually, and the other actions are automatically completed by the system controlled by PLC.
4. The heat treatment quenching furnace of steel pipe has high heating speed, which can improve the productivity of steel heat treatment quenching furnace. The heat treatment quenching furnace of steel pipe can be produced continuously for 24 hours and has a long service life.
5, no cracks, no overburning and no deformation of steel tube billet treated by heat treatment and quenching equipment.
6. through the touch screen, the quenching temperature curve, quenching water temperature and quenching water flow rate can be observed in real time, and the on-line real-time data can be saved to the touch screen
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