10 precautions for hot core shot core machine operation

10 precautions for hot core shot core machine operation
The core shooter machine  adopts mechanical vibration to make the shell peel off from the casting. The higher the impact frequency, the greater the impact energy, the better the cleaning effect. This method of clearing the shell is simple in equipment and high in productivity, but there is noise and dust pollution. For small holes, blind holes, narrow grooves, etc. on the casting, it is not easy.

Shot blasting can be used for the residual shell or the scale on the casting. The projectile becomes a high-speed pill flow under the action of centrifugal force, impacting the surface of the casting, causing the attached shell or scale to peel off. The action of the core shooter will cause indentation on the surface of the casting. The inner layer of the indentation is a plastic zone, and the inner part is an elastic zone. Under the action of the metal elastic force, the plastic deformation zone is subjected to compressive stress, and the projectile is bounced back. The molding sand is directly injected into the molding chamber with the template. The sand making type has high dimensional accuracy, and the sand box has cavities on both sides, which has high productivity, but the lower core is difficult, and the quality of the molding sand is strict.
Hot core box core shooting machine operation should pay attention to the following 10 points:
1. Wear protective equipment such as protective glasses.
2. Check the core shooter and ventilation device to ensure that they are in good condition.
3. Check the tooling facilities such as core box, sand shooting board, sand shooting head, sand shooting tube and gate board to ensure smooth and clean, and the assembly between them should be firm and reliable.
4. Before the electric heating is completed, the water source of the water-cooled sandblasting board should be turned on, and the heating device and related electrical facilities should be inspected to ensure reliability.
5. Before driving, turn on the ventilation device, and put the water in the air bag at the same time, then open the air source, test the vehicle with no load, and make sure that the action is normal before use.
6. When operating, it is strictly forbidden to touch the core box to prevent burns and pinching your fingers.
7. Ensure that the sandblasting cylinder has enough core sand (generally not less than 2/3 shot sand volume) to shoot sand. It is strictly forbidden to shoot without sand.
8. When shooting sand, the operator should avoid the box splitting box to prevent the blasting of the box surface from being bad.
9. When taking the sand core from the core box and the sand hole for the sanding board, wear gloves to prevent burns. The cores removed from the core box should be stacked neatly to prevent collapse.
10. After the work is completed, it is necessary to clean the sandblasting cartridge in time, shoot the residual sand in the sand head and the sand bucket, clean the core box and the core shooting machine, clean the work site, and ensure the work site is clean and tidy.

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