Medium frequency heating furnace forging heating pipe material uneven solution

Medium frequency heating furnace forging heating pipe material uneven solution

The medium frequency induction  heating furnace heating material is: 45Mn2, which is made of thlO2mm×13.5mm high-quality alloy steel pipe material, and is subjected to 3 times of local heating and 3 times of hot pier extrusion molding. Process inspection is performed after each local heating and pier extrusion to prevent the occurrence of hot extrusion defects. In the process inspection, it is often found that the inner hole mouth is folded. The production of these folds not only reduces the yield of the product, but also becomes a finished product after misjudgment or magnetic flaw detection and machining, which may cause a large Lost.

1. The reason why the medium frequency induction heating furnace forging heating material is uneven
 Forging medium frequency furnace heating uses 500kW/1000Hz intermediate frequency power supply. According to the principle of medium frequency furnace, the diameter of the inductor lining is 180mm, and the guide rail made of 1Crl8Ni9Ti austenitic heat-resistant steel bar is installed at the bottom of the heating furnace. When the local heating is ~102mm×13.5mm, the inner hole of the inductor and the center of the inner hole of the tube cannot overlap. The upper part of the tube is far away from the coil, and the electrical efficiency is lower than that of the lower part of the tube. The temperature is not consistent. The high temperature side has a relatively low deformation resistance against the low temperature side, and it is easy to form a fold at the inner hole portion during hot extrusion molding. Previously, forging heating used manual timing to rotate the tube 180. Workers are labor intensive and have many human factors. The loss of waste products accounts for 5% of the total loss, which has caused great losses to enterprises.
2. Medium frequency furnace forging heating pipe material uneven solution
In order to reduce the labor intensity of workers and reduce the loss of waste products, based on the theoretical analysis and field simulation of the intermediate frequency furnace principle, we designed the automatic rotating device as shown in Figure 2, installed in the middle frequency furnace furnace mouth, which solved the tube well. The problem of inconsistent temperature above and below the material. The device is mainly composed of armrests, mobile trolleys, base brackets and positioners. Two mounted large gears
The rolling rod 5 of 8 is connected to the bottom plate of the moving trolley 10 through the bearing housing 4; the direct coupling pinion 3 on the output shaft of the wD10o-60-I-type reduction gear is simultaneously meshed with the large gear 8 on the rolling rod, and is driven by the motor to decelerate The machine transmits the power to the two rolling rods through the pinion gear on the output shaft of the speed reducer, so that the material to be heated placed between the two rolling rods automatically rotates evenly. Heating length
It can be determined by the sliding scale on the speed governor 10 and the front dead center position of the moving cart. When performing local intermediate frequency heating, the operator only needs to pull the moving trolley through the armrest 1, put the blank between the two rolling rods, and make the outer end surface of the blank adhere to the positioning slider sliding scale, and then push the moving trolley to the front to die. At the point position, the overhanging portion of the blank can be automatically rotated in the intermediate frequency heating furnace to be evenly heated. Obviously, the successful application of the device greatly reduces the labor intensity of the workers and solves the problem of uneven temperature of the local heating material. The rotating device has the following advantages:
(1) Due to the use of motorized rotation, the heating temperature is relatively uniform, which reduces the influence of human factors.
(2) Compared with the previous method of manually rotating the billet, the labor intensity of the worker is reduced, and the labor enthusiasm of the worker is improved.
(3) Through inspection and verification, the loss rate of waste caused by the folding of the inner hole is reduced to 0.3‰.
In the forging industry, some companies use robots to rotate the billet 180. The method is to solve such problems, and the rotating device has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and low failure rate, and is also an effective method for solving such problems. After more than a year of practice verification and military joint research team assessment, the device solves the problem of uneven heating of the billet temperature during local heating of the intermediate frequency furnace.

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