The advantages of medium frequency induction diathermy furnace

The induction heating forging used in the medium frequency induction diathermy furnace has the following obvious advantages compared with the traditional flame forging process:
1. The heating speed is fast, the required temperature can be reached in a very short time, the oxidation of the metal is greatly reduced, the production efficiency is high, the oxidative decarburization is less, the material and the forging die cost are saved.
Since the principle of medium frequency induction heating is electromagnetic induction, its heat is generated in the workpiece itself. The average worker can use the medium frequency electric furnace to carry out the continuous work of the forging task ten minutes after going to work. The professional workers do not need to burn the furnace and seal the furnace in advance. . There is no need to worry about the waste of the heated billet of the coal stove caused by power outage or equipment failure. Since the heating method has a fast heating rate, the oxidation is extremely small, and at least 20-50 kg of steel raw materials are saved per ton of forgings compared with the coal burning furnace, and the material utilization rate is up to 95%. Since the heating method is uniform in heating and the temperature difference of the core surface is extremely small, the life of the forging die is greatly increased in forging, and the surface roughness of the forging is also less than 50 um.
2. Excellent working environment, improve workers' working environment, no pollution, low energy consumption.
Compared with coal stoves, induction heating furnaces do not produce exhaust gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides, and soot. The external radiant heat is small and the noise is low. Workers will no longer be bake and smoked in the hot coal stove. The environment is purified and the level of health is guaranteed. Induction heating is the most energy-efficient heating method in electric heating furnaces. The power consumption per ton of forgings heated from room temperature to 1100 °C is less than 360 degrees.
3. The heating is uniform, the temperature difference of the core meter is very small, and the temperature control precision is high.
Induction heating heat is generated in the workpiece itself, so the heating is uniform, and the temperature difference between the core and the core is extremely small. The application of temperature control system can achieve precise temperature control to improve product quality and pass rate.
The main equipment of the medium frequency diathermy forging and heat treatment workshop, the stability, reliability and safety of its work are the guarantee for the normal and stable operation of the forging and heat treatment production lines of the flow operation.
4. It is convenient to replace the furnace body to adapt to the different requirements of the overall heating or end heating of the bar.
5, installation, commissioning and operation is very convenient, one will meet;
6, ultra-small size, removable, easy to use with any device;
The medium frequency diathermy furnace heating device has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high efficiency, excellent thermal processing quality and favorable environment. It is rapidly eliminating coal-fired furnaces, gas furnaces, oil-fired furnaces and ordinary resistance furnaces, and is a new generation of metal heating equipment.
7, energy-saving and environmental protection, more uniform and rapid heat transfer, automatic feeding, greatly saving costs;
8. Induction heating does not produce open flames, which eliminates the possibility of dangerous events such as fires and explosions, and greatly improves safety.
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