Problems and solutions for the application and development of intermediate frequency furnaces

1. Problems facing the application and development of induction melting furnace
The current problems facing the application and development of induction melting  furnaces are as follows:
(1) Stability, reliability and safety need to be further improved.
(2) Further improvement is needed in intelligent controllable operation technologies, including fault analysis and prompts.
(3) Most of the comprehensive energy conservation and environmental protection indicators do not meet the requirements of industry access standards.
(4) There is no uniform national standard including the technical parameters and the structure of the equipment itself, and the parts are all the same.
(5) Due to the development of integrated circuits and the technical blockade of manufacturers, most users have problems in maintenance and maintenance. Some intermediate frequency furnace manufacturers have no guarantee of service, slow response, non-standard spare parts and high price, and Price competition, the quality of electrical components is also worrying.
(6) The user lacks technical guidance at the initial use, takes a lot of detours, or develops many bad habits.
2. Solution
At present, China's intermediate frequency furnace industry is large but not strong, but not refined. The above problems should be solved from the following aspects.
(1) Formulate national standards including technical parameters, equipment structure, parts and components, energy conservation and environmental protection indicators.
(2) Study the high-precision technology of the manufacture and application of the intermediate frequency furnace in the world, improve the comprehensive quality of the intermediate frequency furnace products, including service quality, quick response, reduce the difficulty of maintenance and repair, provide thoughtful technical guidance services, and let users satisfaction.
(3) Establish a scientific market competition mechanism to guide manufacturers to win the market with quality and credit. Users should not only value the price, but should pay attention to the comprehensive quality and service quality of the products. The quality and service are guaranteed to be good product suppliers.
(4) The users of the intermediate frequency furnace constantly sum up their experience in the process of use, and provide reasonable suggestions to the intermediate frequency furnace manufacturers in terms of power, geography, raw materials, electrical components, maintenance and maintenance, and jointly promote the rapid development of the intermediate frequency furnace.
3. Suggestions for action
Due to the impact of the economic crisis, the impact of industrial restructuring on heavy industry is no less than a war. The market demand for intermediate frequency furnaces has turned sharply. Many medium frequency furnace manufacturers face difficulties in order, product backlog and even survival difficulties. There are several suggestions for the following measures.
(1) Under the premise of striving to improve the comprehensive quality of intermediate frequency furnace products, we will strive to develop domestic and foreign markets, strive to keep imported products out of the country, and win the market with quality and reputation.
(2) In the market downturn, research and development of new technologies and new products, including application technology training for users, etc., to advance to high-end products, improve the technological content and added value of products, retreat, ready to go, the intermediate frequency furnace The products are refined and strong.
(3) Many foundry companies choose to upgrade their equipment in the downturn of the market. Currently, due to industry access standards such as energy conservation and environmental protection and human resource costs, companies using cupola and power frequency electric furnaces have mostly switched to intermediate frequency furnaces. Intention, medium frequency furnace manufacturers should seize business opportunities, provide equipment, technology, services and other products, open up a multi-faceted market structure, and establish long-term mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation with users, so that enterprises seek continuous development and progress.

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