Induction heat treating furnace operating instructions

Induction heat treating furnace operating instructions
Induction heat treatment furnace is playing a very import role in our working. Then what you should care when you operate induction heat treating furnace?
1.You should inspect electrical equipment,water cooling system and whether inductor copper pipe is good or not. Or you can not start induction heat treating furnace.
2.You should repair in time if the furnace chamber is damaged. Stop heating work piece in the crucible with serious melting loss.
3.Special worker will be responsible for power supply and starting furnace.Touching inductor and cables is not allowed after power supply.The person on duty can not leave the post without permit.The person should pay attention to the external status of inductor and crucible.
4.You should check whether there is non flammable and explosive hazardous materials mixed  or not.If yes,you should get rid of them immediately.
5.The IF generator room should be kept clean.The flammable and explosive materials and other debris is not allowed to bring into the generator room. Do not allow smoking also in the IF generator room.
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