Mechatronic heating furnace

Mechatronic heating furnace

Fully automatic medium frequency induction heating complete equipment with vibration sequencing idler feeding automatic temperature control and three-level temperature control


This set of equipment is mainly used for the overall heat transfer of round steel and steel pipes .



1. Overview

Mechatronic heating furnace with vibration sequencing, idler feeding, automatic temperature control and three-level temperature control
This set of equipment is mainly used for the overall heat transfer of round steel and steel pipes . The heating furnace body adopts the quick replacement method, and only the furnace body needs to be replaced when the product specifications are replaced. It takes only a few minutes to replace the furnace

2, according to the maximum weight of a single piece, the heating time to calculate the power

3, Device range and function description:

1. Equipment range is shown in the table below
Serial number content Quantity Remarks
1 Rectifier transformer 1 set Optional user purchase
2 Thyristor series inverter IF power supply 1 set  
Induction heater 1 set Includes water cooled rails
3.1 GTR 80 (applicable material φ 75 ) 1 set  
4 Induction heating furnace stand 1 set  
5 Feeding platform and buffer chain conveyor 1 set  
6 Feeder 1 set  
7 Roller feeder 1 set  
8 Pinch roller feeder 1 set  
9 Material return device 1 set Return steel cylinder, loading machine
10 Quick discharge machine 1 set  
11 Three sorting machines 1 set  
Temperature control system (infrared temperature measurement and control instrument) 1 set PLC center console
12 .1 PLC center console 1 set  
12 .2 Industrial control software
(MCGS system)
1 set  
12 .3 Programmable Controllers 1 set  
12 .4 LCD screen 1 set  
12 .5 Double colorimetric infrared thermometer (Xi'an Ruiguang) 1 set  
12 .6 Photoelectric alarm switch 1 set  
12 .7 Control cabinet 1 set  
12 .8 Console 1 set  
10 Cooling water system 1 set User-purchased

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