3PE pipeline anti-corrosion Ф219-Ф1219 steel pipe production line

3PE pipeline anti-corrosion Ф219-Ф1219 steel pipe production line

Ф219—Ф1 219 steel pipe 3PE anti-corrosion production line


Steel pipe diameter: Ф219—Ф1 219
Steel pipe length: 8000mm-12000mm
Process speed: 8 00mm/min - 5 000mm/min



1, the project content:

Ф219—Ф1 219 steel pipe 3PE anti-corrosion production line

2, the design basis:

Steel pipe diameter: Ф219—Ф1 219
Steel pipe length: 8000mm-12000mm
Process speed: 8 00mm/min - 5 000mm/min

3, the transmission line

Product name, specification Model, configuration Remarks
00㎜ × 22 9 6000㎜
22 00㎜ 00㎜ 8 × 30
22 00㎜ 00㎜ 3 × 20
2 2 00mm × 8 00mm 5
22 00㎜ 00㎜ 1 × 15
GB 20# rectangular steel, 20# channel steel, 14mm steel plate
Tire combination  
  Heavy duty 1 56 sets
Including bearings, housings, hubs, shafts, etc.
Frequency control cabinet  
4 control cabinets: including Hailipu inverter 3 7 KW 6 sets
Including wires, cables, electrical accessories, etc.
   Reducer A total of 60 units, KAF type, with 2.2KW inverter motor  
Adjusting screw  
40 mm
Spherical bearings, nuts, flanges, screws, etc.

 4, medium frequency power heating equipment

medium frequency  Electricity   source  
1000 kw one,  
Includes 2 water-cooled cables, sensor 1220 , compensation capacitor holder , and sensor holder
Pure water cooling device  
A set of
Including pure water exchanger, stainless steel water tank, water pump , control cabinet

5, the pipe device: 1 set

6, secondary derusting, lifting machine, beveling machine:

Secondary derusting  
3KW fan, 5.5 KW wire wheel motor
Including dust cover, air duct, exhaust fan, etc.
Lift Increase tire, cycloidal reducer pin, electrical control cabinets, hydraulic cylinder    Two
Groove machine Track, automatic walking, dust collection, etc. Two
7. Air pressure, nose and steel pipe temperature monitoring devices:
Infrared thermometer  
Infrared probe, precision temperature controller
2 sets
Air pressure alarm   1 set
Head temperature alarm            2 sets
8, the outer wall of the pipe shot blasting machine:
Shot blasting machine: 2 sets, power 55KW. Lifting capacity: 120T/H, power 5.5KW;
Separation volume: 120T/H, power 2.2KW; dust removal fan power: 22KW
Secondary dust removal: one-stage cyclone dust collector, first-stage filter dust collector.
Equipped with a casing to sweep the grit
9, dusting equipment:
6 gun control cabinet DK type 2 sets
2 sets of 6 gun fluidized barrels ( each set contains 8 venturi powder pumps)
2 sets of gun frame adjustment mechanism
Powder room 1
Recycling unit (2 levels of recycling)
10, extrusion machine:
SJF 20 0/30 one, SJF 7 5/30 one set of two anti-corrosion special extruders.
SJF 20 0/30 configuration: diameter: Φ 20 0 aspect ratio: 30:1
Power: 415 KW DC speed motor UK Continental speed governor
Die: L1000mm loading machine 1000kg/h
Chassis running mechanism and chassis adjustment mechanism
SJF 7 5/30 configuration: diameter Φ 7 5 aspect ratio: 30:1
Power: 45 KW inverter motor Yingweiteng inverter
Die: L400mm loading machine 200kg / h
Chassis running mechanism and chassis adjustment mechanism
11, air compressor, dryer, gas storage tank:
Air compressor: 6 cubic screw straight
Dryer: 6 cubic freezer
Gas storage tank: 1. 0 cubic
Air filter: 3

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