3PE pipe anti-corrosion Ф89—Ф820 steel pipe production line

3PE pipe anti-corrosion Ф89—Ф820 steel pipe production line

Ф 89 —Ф 8 20 steel pipe 3PE pipeline anti-corrosion production line


According to the user's request our company's Ф 8 9-Ф 8 20 pipeline anti-corrosion production line is connected by transmission shaft to transmit power . The base of the conveyor is welded with the national standard 16 # channel steel 16 # square steel and 12 2mm thick steel plate.



First, the project content:

Ф89 —Ф 820 steel pipe 3PE pipeline anti-corrosion production line

Second, the design basis:

Steel pipe diameter: Ф 89 —Ф 8 20
Steel pipe length: 8000mm-12000mm
Process speed: 1200mm/min - 5 000mm/min

Third, the pipeline conveyor

According to the user's request, our company's Ф 8 9-Ф 8 20 pipeline anti-corrosion production line is connected by transmission shaft to transmit power . The base of the conveyor is welded with the national standard 16 # channel steel, 16 # square steel and 12 2mm thick steel plate. The specification of this production line conveyor is 2000mm × 6000mm × 13 (four sets of tires per rack). 2000mm × 800mm × 10, one of which is equipped with a high temperature wheel. The transmission wheel is a 600-9 weighted pneumatic tire (stronger than the solid wheel, the pipeline runs smoothly), and the power is controlled by frequency conversion. The total length is 8 8 meters (net length) .

Fourth, the descaling machine:

This machine is based on the introduction of advanced technology from the United States and Italy, using a modern computer simulation technology, developed a new type of steel pipe outer wall shot blasting equipment, which can remove the rust and scale on the surface of the steel pipe, completely before the outer wall of the steel pipe is painted. The cleaning requirements can meet the needs of cleaning the outer wall of large and medium-sized engineering steel pipes. It has the following advantages:
1. The fifth-generation cantilever centrifugal blasting machine with large shot blasting and high throwing speed has significantly improved the cleaning efficiency and obtained satisfactory cleaning quality. It is a patented product.
2. The equipment has been successfully developed according to the redesign of advanced technology at home and abroad. It has the characteristics of high productivity, convenient operation and small volume, and is the first in China.

Fifth, medium frequency heating:

This production line is equipped with two intermediate frequency heating devices of 350K W and 1 0 00KW. 35 0KW is used for removing the surface moisture of the steel pipe before the descaling machine to improve the descaling effect and prevent the steel pellets from agglomerating. 1 0 00KW is used for external epoxy powder spray heating.
1 0 00kw parameters:

Name Parameter Name Parameter
Input voltage 380V Output maximum voltage 780V
Input Current 17 00A Output maximum current 2 000A
Input frequency 50HZ Output frequency 500HZ~800HZ
35 0kw parameters:
Name Parameter Name Parameter
Input voltage 380V Output maximum voltage 780V
Input Current 58 0A Output maximum current 70 0A
Input frequency 50HZ Output frequency 500HZ~800HZ

Sixth, dusting system:

 8 gun control center. DK type 1 set
The above device contains 8 automatic spray guns, the spray gun is built-in high pressure, and the control cabinet controls the voltage, current and pneumatic system of 8 automatic spray guns. And control 8 venturi powder pump powder supply system.
The above device comprises a set of fluidized bed powder supply system. The size of the fluidized bed: (L×W×H) 800×775×570 (mm) contains 8 venturi powder pumps.

Seventh, extrusion machine

This production line must be equipped with one SJF 15 0/30 and one SJF 65 /30 anti-corrosion extruder.

Eighth,water cooling room:

It is closed with plastic steel and is beautiful and easy to observe. There are several activity windows on each side for easy access. Pump flow rate per hour using 100 cubic two sets (one spare). The cooling water pipe regulating valve is installed on the side of the operation cabinet for easy adjustment and the length is 23 meters.

Ninth, air compressor and pipe mechanism:

The production line is equipped with a 9-cubic screw air compressor, a 9-cubic air dryer, and a 1.0- cubic gas storage tank for the powder spraying equipment, but the gas volume is surplus, so the oil cylinder of the pipe system is changed to The cylinder saves the investment in hydraulic stations and hydraulic oil and the cost of changing hydraulic oil every year. Maintenance is also clean and convenient. A total of 8 forks and cylinders and 2 lift cylinders are required.

Tenth, breaking machine, lift and secondary descaling machine:

The breaking machine adopts a wire wheel breaking machine, and the set device is equipped with a walking wheel to be movable. Moreover, the dust recovery device is equipped to effectively solve environmental problems.
The lift adopts the cylinder lifting, and the transmission wheel adopts the double-wheel lifting power transmission at both ends to ensure the processing needs of the thick-walled pipe.
The secondary descaling adopts the wire wheel derusting and compressed air purging to make the outer wall cleanliness of the steel pipe meet the requirements and improve the adhesion of the epoxy powder.

Eleventh. Pipeline platform

The upper tube, the lower tube and the transition platform are all welded with 20# national standard I-beam, which ensures the robustness of the platform. The total length of the three platforms is 30 meters (made by the user as appropriate) .

Twelfth, manufacturing and installation schedule

The production period is 50 days from the effective date of the contract, and the installation period is 20 days (the installation conditions are available).

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