Slab Furnace Slab heating furnace

Slab Furnace Slab heating furnace

Choose slab induction heating furnace, slab heating furnace, sheet electric heating furnace offer, buy flat plate, iron plate, steel plate, induction heating furnace to solve all problems.


Power saving. Of SCR series inverter frequency power supply, saving 20% compared to ordinary frequency power supply.



Slab heating furnace has the advantages :
    1. Power saving. Of SCR series inverter frequency power supply, saving 20% compared to ordinary frequency power supply.
    2 , stable performance, complete protection, no worries, flat-panel intermediate frequency heating furnace will not strike for no reason, to ensure the efficiency of work and work progress.
    3 , flat heat treatment equipment heating speed, no oxide layer, small deformation.
    4. The slab heating furnace is small in size, light in weight, movable and easy to install.
    5 , safety is quite guaranteed, the slab heating furnace has sensor isolation, high security, will not cause unnecessary casualties, very safe.
    6 , flat heat treatment equipment environmental protection, SCR series inverter intermediate frequency power supply, is quite power-saving, plus no noise, no dust, no pollution, energy saving and health.
    7. The slab heating furnace has strong adaptability and can heat workpieces of different sizes. 
  Choosing an improper induction furnace model will bring the following problems:
1. Select the wrong plate heat treatment equipment power and frequency
( 1 ) can not meet the heating requirements, such as slow time, red outside black, uneven, temperature does not meet the requirements
( 2 ) Feeling electricity, spending money
2 , select high energy slab heating furnace
( 1 ) Electricity, such as 500KW ordinary KGPS equipment, spending more than 360,000 electricity bills a year .
( 2 ) Low power factor, interference to the power grid, burning transformer
3 , low price trap, choose the wrong brand
( 1 ) Low power is marked as high power and heating is slow
( 2 ) Small power is turned into high power, and the medium frequency induction heating equipment is unbearably heavy, and it will be damaged in a short time.
( 3 ) Without professional after-sales service personnel, all after-sales service is a commitment in the wind, affecting your production
( 4 ) Without professional production and quality management, the quality of flat panel induction heating equipment is extremely unstable and the failure rate is high.
  The slab heating furnace heating steel plate parameters are as follows

Steel plate size Control System Supporting power supply
340 × 270 × 25mm PLC intelligent control system KGPS160KW
540 × 320 × 38mm PLC intelligent control system KGPS300KW
830 × 510 × 60mm PLC intelligent control system KGPS400KW
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