bar induction heating machine

bar induction heating machine

Applicable in forging heat-treatment elbow hot extrusion melting brazing shrink-fitting


Suitable for heating small and medium size parts



Feature of bar induction heating machine:

 Suitable for heating small and medium size parts

• Applicable in forging, heat-treatment, elbow, hot extrusion, melting, brazing, shrink-fitting

• IGBT inversion technology

• LC series resonance

• Reduced Operating Cost

• High energy conversion over 97.5%

• High power factor 0.95 -0.98

• Energy saving 15%-30% compared with SCR technology

• High efficiency over 90%; 100% duty cycle

• Be started up 100% at any load

• Environment friendly

Technical Parameters of bar induction heating machine
SSF SSF-30 SSF-50 SSF-60 SSF-80 SSF-120 SSF-160
Rated Output Power 30KW 40KW 60KW 80KW 120KW 160KW
Working Frequency 10-30KHz 8-15KHz
Power Capacity 38KVA 50KVA 75KVA 100KVA 150KVA 200KVA
Input Power 380V/50Hz 3Phases 4 lines
Working Voltage 342V-430V
Input Current 48A 63A 97A 135A 195A 240A

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