Medium frequency steel pipe induction heating furnace

Medium frequency steel pipe induction heating furnace

bolts nuts drill head hot forge the car U-bolts anchor bolt connecting rod non-standard parts processing conductive rod


sewing gadgets jack head boss chair shackles hand rings flowers Lancashire body feet kidnapper tricycle axle briquettes machine Chong-pin roll gate axis articulated manifolds hot-rolled twist drill Hot-rolled rebar hot-rolled woodworking drill bearing



Techncial parametes of medium frequency induction heating furnace

Model Rated power Rated frequency
Temperature℃ Power consumption 
Work piece diameter (MM)
GTR-50KW/10KHZ 50KW 10 900-1250 350-450 4-30
GTR-100KW/8-10KHZ 100KW 8-10 900-1250 350-450 19-41
GTR-150KW/6-8KHZ 150KW 6-8 900-1250 350-450 19-41
GTR-200KW/6-8KHZ 200KW 6-8 900-1250 350-450 24-51
GTR-250KW/6-8KHZ 250KW 6-8 900-1250 350-450 24-51
GTR-300KW/2-4KHZ 300KW 2-4 900-1250 350-450 29-61
GTR-350KW/2-4KHZ 350KW 2-4 900-1250 350-450 29-61
GTR-400KW/2-4KHZ 400KW 2-4 900-1250 350-450 29-81
GTR-500KW/2-4KHZ 500KW 2-4 900-1250 350-450 39-81
GTR-600KW/1-2KHZ 600KW 1-2 900-1250 350-450 49-101
GTR-750KW/1-2KHZ 750KW 1-2 900-1250 350-450 49-101
GTR-1000KW/0.5-1KHZ 1000KW 0.5-1 900-1250 350-450 59-121
Applications of medium frequency induction heating furnace 
(1) Forging round steel categories:
A. bolts, nuts, drill head hot forge, the car U-bolts, anchor bolt, connecting rod, non-standard parts processing, conductive rod
B. stainless steel tableware, stainless steel bolts and nuts
C. tools: pliers, bolt cutters, pipe clamp, water pump pliers, pliers, wrenches, ratchet wrenches, masonry chisel,
D. Other: sewing gadgets, jack head, boss chair, shackles, hand rings, flowers Lancashire body, feet kidnapper, tricycle axle, briquettes machine Chong-pin, roll gate axis, articulated manifolds, hot-rolled twist drill, Hot-rolled rebar, hot-rolled woodworking drill, bearing

(2) Hot forging sheet/plate categories:
A. forged stainless steel cutlery, automotive steel  plate.
B. sheet folding: folding iron hand jack, metal folding channel, automotive steel, hot rolled construction steel buckle, automotive leaf spring
C. embossed: Iron Works embossing, embossing motorcycle brake pedal heating, sanitary ware.
D. Forming: bending, upsetting head, punching, flatten, step by step tight angle iron molding, from nails, rasp, sanitary ware

(3) pipe deformation: pipe heat distortion, fire extinguishers stretching, stretching cylinders, fans rose shaped brackets bend, pipe up hole, bicycle fork shrinkage, food machinery punching
(4) other categories:
Electric Vehicle wrist, drill rod, drill bits, copper pieces (communication, air conditioning parts), trains pin, watch cases, railway rail pressure ring.
Features of medium Frequency induction heating furnace
1. Full digital control:control with high precision and high reliability
2. Voltage and current double closed-loop control system:to ensure a stable and reliable operation of the system.
3. Perfect protection system: over voltage,over current,lack of phase,lack of water, temperature is high, etc, various of protection,ensure the equipment's components will not be damaged when a fault occurs 
4. High powder factor:the power and power factor of the equipment achieve to highest operating values
5. Complete extrocontrol interface:can easily achieve external temperature ect.closed-loop control
6. Power pneumatic performance 100% completely eliminate the problem of start failure

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