Steel billet secondary induction heating/ billet heating furnace

Steel billet secondary induction heating/ billet heating furnace

PLC automatic control system, domestic assembly, world-class technology, localized service, lowest price


The integrated design of the feeding and discharging mechanism, coil and power supply requires less infrastructure, workshop occupation and installation time.



First, billet heating furnace, billet induction heating furnace, billet heating equipment overview
PLC automatic control system, domestic assembly, world-class technology, localized service, lowest price
1. The integrated design of the feeding and discharging mechanism, coil and power supply requires less infrastructure, workshop occupation and installation time.
2. Parallel intermediate frequency power supply design, AC voltage is converted into DC voltage by diode, and energy conversion efficiency is 96%.
3. The output power can be adjusted between 10% and 100%. All power ranges can maintain 0.96 power factor, and harmonic distortion is less polluted.
4, due to the short transmission distance of the power supply, the use of special insulation materials, series-connected power supply inverter measurement current small voltage high, medium frequency single consumption is very low.  
5. Dynamically monitor the change of the load current of the series resonant coil, and timely control the output power of the power supply to ensure the heating temperature is stable.
6, other rich detection, self-diagnosis, alarm function and safety protection device.
7, the import of key components, the use of high-quality electrical components, domestic assembly; world-class technology, localization services and prices.
8. According to the size of the blank, different heating frequency is selected to save power consumption; the coil is adapted to the diameter of the billet to be 1 times wider.
9. The embedded operation panel displays the running status of the machine and is used for fault diagnosis; manual or man-machine interface operation mode can be selected.
10, standard power supply built-in closed internal circulation distilled water cooling system, you can choose the inner water system of the coil or provide a complete set of water cooling solutions.
11. The pneumatic or variable frequency nip roller feeding mechanism can be selected; the quick extraction and discharging system can eliminate the bonding mechanism and can be equipped with a temperature sorting system.
Second , billet parameters and process requirements
          Billet size 130x130 mm , 12 m ,
          Billet head temperature: surface 940 °C – core 1030 °C – average 960 °C
          Billet tail temperature: Surface 925 °C – Core 985 °C – Average 938 °C
          Elapsed time from start to finish: 109 s – speed 0.11 m/s – output 51.5 t/h
          150x150 mm 12 m
          Billet head temperature: Surface 949 °C – Core 1065 °C – Average 975 °C
          Billet tail temperature: Surface 933 °C – Core 1005 °C – Average 948 °C
          Elapsed time from start to finish: 145 s – speed 0.083 m/s – output 51.8 t/h
          The first mill is required to have the same temperature at the head and tail of the first mill, and the minimum working temperature is 1050 °C:

Third, Determination of the plane arrangement of the power frequency and power:

   According to the maximum size of the billet 150x150 mm 12 m, the calculated frequency range is in the range of 1600 Hz to 600 Hz, and the frequency of the furnace is determined to be 1000 Hz.
  Calculated according to the maximum billet 150x150 mm 12 m weight (2080 kg) and productivity (145 seconds / piece), the required heating power is up to 1500 kw, which can meet all billet heating and insulation.
Fourth, Device range and function description:
1. Equipment range is shown in the table below

Serial number content Quantity Remarks
1 12-pulse rectifier transformer 1500 KVA 1 set  
2 Connecting copper bars    
2 Thyristor intermediate frequency power supply KGPS-1 5 00/1 2 sets  
Induction heater 1 set  
3.1 GTR130 (slab size 130x130mm12m) 1 set  
  GTR150 (slab size 150x150mm12m)    
4 Induction heater bed 1 set  
5 Feeding device 1 set  
6 Discharge device 1 set  
7 Power control cabinet 1 set  
Temperature control system (infrared temperature measurement and control instrument) 1 set  
8.1 PLC center console 1 set
8.2 Programmable Controllers 1 set
8.3 LCD screen 1 set
8.4 Double colorimetric infrared thermometer
(Xi'an Ruiguang)
1 set
8.5 Photoelectric alarm switch 1 set
8.6 Control cabinet 1 set
A, comprehensive parameters
Serial number project Parameter requirement
1 Power supply 1 5 00kw / 3 phase 6 veins
2 Number of rectifiers 12 veins
3 Inverter SCR parallel inverter
4 Rated frequency Above 1000Hz
5 Line voltage 660V
6 IF voltage 1600V
7 Start success rate 100%
8 Power factor Greater than 0.9 2
9 Outlet heating temperature 1150 ° C
10 Heating temperature rise power consumption ≤ 60 ±5% kW.h/t
11 heating time 145 seconds / root
B. Heat exchange cooling water system parameters
Serial number project parameter
1 Inlet pressure 0.2-0.4MPa
2 Inlet temperature 5-35 ° C
3 Effluent temperature <55°C
The rectifier transformer is a special transformer that provides rectification power for the intermediate frequency electric furnace. The transformer (full copper core oil immersion type) has the characteristics of strong overload capability, less harmonic current and good cooling effect.
Rectifier transformer technical parameters:

model: Overload type ZS11- 1500 KVA/10KV /660v
Rated Capacity: Se= 1500kva
Primary voltage: U1=10000V±5% 6- phase 12-pulse 50HZ
Primary current: I1= 86 A
Secondary voltage: U2= 660Vx2
Secondary current: I2= 650x2A
Pressure regulation method: Three-speed manual non-excitation regulator
Connection group: D/d. -yn11
Impedance voltage: Z75o=6.5%
effectiveness: ≥ 97%
1500kw intermediate frequency power supply main components and manufacturers
  Serial number name Specification model Quantity Manufacturer
1 Rectifier thyristor KP 1000 A, 20 00V 12 Hubei Xiangfan Taiji
2 Universal circuit breaker DW15- 1600 A 2 Zhejiang Zhaoyu
3 Thyristor radiator SS14-BL 6 Wenzhou Love
4 Absorption capacitor 0.47uF2000V 12 State-owned 794 factory
5 Absorption resistor 150W15Ω 12 Suzhou Hengde Telecommunications
6 Flat wave reactor 3mH 2 self made
7 Line reactor Φ100*16 6 self made
8 meter Type 42 6 People's Electric, Shanghai Pujiang
9 Copper     Copper
10 Inverter thyristor KK 2000 A, 2 0 00V 8 Hubei Xiangfan Taiji
11 Thyristor radiator SS15-BL 4 Wenzhou Love
12 Inverter absorption capacitor 0.47uF2000V 8 State-owned 794 factory
13 Inverter absorption resistor 300W15Ω 8 Suzhou Hengde Telecommunications
14 Resonant capacitor RFM 1.2 - 2 000- 0.5 S 10 Shenghe of Zhejiang Construction
15 Hydraulic station     Shanxi Yuci

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