Billet induction heating furnace

Billet induction heating furnace

Parameters of the material to be heated: 160MM*160MM L=2M 150 MM*160MM L=2M 1 2 0MM*1 2 0MM L=2M


The inductor has a fast heating speed a uniform heating temperature less oxidation loss and uniform metal composition.



First. Technical description
 Parameters of the material to be heated: 160MM*160MM L=2M , 150 MM*160MM L=2M
1 2 0MM*1 2 0MM   L=2M
Heating length: 2M Heating weight: about 400 Kg
The heating temperature is 800 . C is heated to 1250 . C
18 tons per hour, the heating beat is 80 seconds / piece
Second, the intermediate frequency power supply technical parameters

Billet heating furnace model Technical indicators
Billet furnace rated power 1500KW -3000 KW
Phase voltage 380V- 660V
Phase 3
Electric furnace rated voltage 1100-1250V
Rated current 1700A
Rated frequency 500 HZ
Rated temperature 1250 ° C
Third, the entire set of billet heating furnace description
The inductor has a fast heating speed , a uniform heating temperature, less oxidation loss, and uniform metal composition.
It can be directly heated from a cold furnace and is easy to change.
Exquisite coil design, high-quality thick-walled copper tube, through the reasonable choice of the inter-turn distance of the induction coil, the induction coil has the highest conversion efficiency, the smallest resistance, more energy can be used for heating, high strength, the coil is not easy to occur due to arc and expansion Damage caused by force.
Robust coil support system, so that each turn of the coil are firmly locked to eliminate possible path turns intermittently.
Fourth, Complete set of billet heating furnace

Serial number Billet heating furnace name Specification model Quantity Remarks
1 Intermediate frequency power supply KGPS 3 0 00KW - 2 sets  
2 Compensation capacitor 3 000 KW 2 teams  
3 Diathermy furnace bracket WL-JRZ-1 1 set  
4 Connecting water-cooled cable SDL-1000 4 roots  
5 Diathermy sensor 160×160 1 set 80S/piece

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